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The compiled art work that includes Movie Poster design, Gallery Art Prints, Book Cover design, Limited Edition Artwork and much more.

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New Poster Art inspired by "World of Warcraft" that bringing to life the Horde factions in the style of iconic War Propaganda.

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FEATURED on has my "Last Stand" art featured as a T-Shirt design as part of their "9 3/4 Collection" curated by Mugglenet Buy it now!

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Laz began his career as a Graphic Designer, studying at the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a focus in Graphic Design. He later moved to study at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, to better hone and build upon his abilities. At the School of Visual Arts, Laz majored in Graphic Design and Fine Arts, which gave him a better understanding of the principals of Art, even garnering him the honors of being a featured artist in the university gallery on numerous occasions.

Currently, Laz is a forward thinking designer, having had his work featured in some of the leading venues and publications. His focuses in Entertainment Advertising have garnered him with the honors of working with some of the leading film studios on some of the most intriguing films of recent years. Including:

X-Men: The Last Stand, The Grand, Miss Potter, Elvis & Anabelle, and Goya’s Ghosts.

Laz has continued to contribute to the world of Editorial, Entertainment, and Advertising by adding his passion of Art and understanding of the forward moving design world to his already distinct style of design. His range and ability to adapt to all situations has been key, and has allowed him to keep his clients prevalent and visually stunning.

Above all else, Laz has remained true to the one thing he has understood for years, that he cannot live a day without his passion to create.

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